CShare Business Computers, DBA Pacifica Research (“Pacifica”), publishes the software products Pilot, Laguna and PilotCS (“Pilot”) which collect information that may be considered sensitive and proprietary. This document describes methods and practices that Pacifica uses to collect data from Pilot, safeguard that data, and whether this data is shared with or sold to any third-party person, company or organization.

Pilot software is licensed to and operated by independent customers (“Client”) of Pacifica. Data and databases used by Pilot are owned by the respective Clients, and that data is stored on servers owned by or contracted by those Clients. Installations of Pilot do not communicate automatically with or send any data to Pacifica. Data may be sent to or received by Pacifica only at the specific request of an authorized principal of the Client. Screen sharing between a Client and Pacifica is only initiated by and controlled by the Client.

Data obtained by Pacifica may include databases, screen images, PDF and photograph image files, spreadsheets and error logs. This data is used by Pacifica only for the purposes of debugging, troubleshooting and developing new features. The data is used for no other purpose. Pacifica expressly does not use any Client data for data mining or marketing purposes, and does not share, sell, publish or make available any Client data in any form to any person, other company or organization outside of Pacifica.

Pilot may use mobile devices to collect certain data, and must control the camera, touchscreen, wifi and mobile wireless connections to enable this capability. The collected data, including but not limited to customer, vendor and inventory information, order information, barcodes and photos, may be stored on the device and transmitted to the Client’s Pilot database on the Client’s server by Pilot. Pacifica does not manage the wireless connection or capture, receive or relay the mobile data.