Support is available for the current and most recent prior year versions of Pilot. Bug fixes and enhancements are applied to the current version only.

New features and capabilities are regularly added to Pilot, many at the request of our customers. For this reason, Pacifica Research offers an annual subscription to provide critical updates and enhancements that become available for the current version during the year.

You will never be charged for reporting or discussing bugs in Pilot, or for fixing bugs in non-customized code. Fixing bugs in or enhancing customized code may incur charges. Bugs can only be fixed in the current Pilot version.

Pacifica Research provides product documentation and video tutorials for your use at no charge.

Pilot Laguna Support

Laguna telephone or internet support is charged to your credit/debit card at the current rate of $75 USD per call for the first quarter hour or less and $50 USD per each additional quarter hour or less.

On-site support is also available. Contact Pacifica Research for information.

Pilot CS Cascade Support

Annual support subscription pricing is based on 15% of the current retail price of your installed Pilot software. The support subscription entitles your company to Pilot updates throughout the current year and unlimited telephone support for technical questions and problems with Pilot. Accounting, management questions and training are not free services under this program.

Pilot subscribers will realize these benefits:

  • Free telephone technical support during regular business hours.
  • Updates and enhancements during the year.
  • Loyal customer discount for future subscriptions starting at 15% in the second year and increasing to a maximum of 35% after 7 years.
  • Online Live Support, built into Pilot, as part of the telephone support.

Support for Legacy Products

Dynamic Network Accounting & AboutTime
Replaced by: Laguna & Pacifica
Support: Not available
Upgrade Credit: Not available
Conversion to Pilot: Not available

Pacifica, Pacifica Seed Management
Replaced by: Pilot
Support: Available on a Per Call Charge basis
Upgrade Credit: Ended 12/31/2011
Converstion to Pilot: To Current Version Only

Discontinued Modules
Sawblade Sharpening
Coffee Roasting
Freight Calculator
Packing Shed
Support: Contact Pacifica Research for availability

Contact Pacifica Research

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