Send your data

Follow these steps to send a copy of your database to Pacifica Research on our secure FTP site:

  1. Make sure all Pilot users (including yourself) are logged out of Pilot.
  2. Locate your database file.
    By default, your database file is located in the \pilot folder. On a multi-user network, the \pilot folder will be on your server. Your database file should have a filename extension of “.APL”. If it has been used recently, it will have a current date and time.
  3. Zip your database file. (optional)
    If you zip the file, it will send much faster. To zip, locate the database file in the folder window, right-click on it, and choose “Send to compressed folder”. A zip file with the same first name will be created, containing your database. For example, if your database is called MYCOMPANY.APL, the zip file will be named MYCOMPANY.ZIP. If MYCOMPANY.ZIP already exists, the new zip file will be named MYCOMPANY – copy 1.ZIP or something similar. Be sure to send the most recent zip file. If you don’t want to zip the file, send the .APL file instead.
  4. Use the SELECT FILE button to locate the zip file, and select it.
  5. Enter your email address and name.
  6. Click the UPLOAD FILE button, and then wait for our website to respond that we’ve received your file.
    A progress bar indicates that your file is transferring to us. If you close this browser window while the file is sending, we won’t receive it.
Upload files

Upload Directory: uploads2